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Products For Everyday Spinal Health

You Deserve Pain Relief, Energy, & Improved Health!

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Dr. Tabor D.C. is a Spinal Hygiene Expert With Two Thriving Wellness Practices in Houston, TX.

“I want to raise awareness to the benefits of daily spinal care and see it become as widespread as daily dental care! Your spine is the most important bone in your body. With just a few minutes of attention each day, you can realize life-changing health benefits and avoid the need for band-aid healthcare treatments for years to come!”

-Dr. Tabor D.C.

The Benefits Of Spinal Hygiene Products

  • Educate your family about lifetime spinal care
  • Improve your health & find longterm pain relief
  • Get out of the cycle of “sick care” and prevent illness
  • Promote the spinal hygiene movement!
Exercise Disc
Travel Bag
Exercise Band
Quick Start Guide
Spinal Molding Roll

Spinal Hygiene Products



Each Kit Includes:
  • (1) Exercise Disk
  • (1) At Home Spinal Care Book
  • (2) Spinal Molding Rolls
  • (1) Exercise Band
  • (1) Quick Start Guide
    This quick start guide is designed to make spinal hygiene exercises easy! The Home Spinal Care Instructions are laid out in a very simple to understand design.
  • (1) Branded Travel Bag
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Product Details



These wobble discs are great to use in your office as a warm up exercise as patients are waiting for their adjustment, or as an addition to their Home Care requirements so they can add the exercises to their daily Spinal Hygiene routine.

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These rolls are a perfect diameter, and perfect density to create a great spinal molding experience for your patients. Plus, they are individually wrapped and professionally packaged. You will love them, and so will your patients!

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Maximize your recovery and soothe your muscles with our premium muscle roller! Engineered with high-density foam and a unique contoured design, it targets even the deepest tissue layers for optimal relief. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, this roller is your ally against stiffness and soreness. Roll out tension after a workout or start your day with a revitalizing self-massage. Compact and durable, it’s the perfect addition to your gym bag or home fitness collection. Embrace the power of deep tissue therapy and elevate your wellness routine today! This product is not included in the Spinal Care Kit.

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Spinal Hygiene Resistance Bands are a convenient way to distribute individually wrapped, pre-cut resistance bands. Each order includes 30 folded, individually packaged 5′ bands in a single color.

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From a very young age, most of us are taught how to take care of our teeth by brushing, flossing, and visiting a dentist regularly. You only get one spine. This book will teach your patients the value of taking care of it!

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